Can't run Mirics SDR on my PC

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Re: Can't run Mirics SDR on my PC

Post by 16649 » Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:13 am

I also couldn't run Mirrics on Windows 10

Manually selecting Windows 7 under the compatibility would start the program but it wouldn't run correctly or scan for
Radio stations.
I also had the program run but with a CoreAAC code problem audio not connected message and correct this then try run the program again.

I managed to get it running by doing the following.
On the program file in program files/mirricsflexitv/x86/Fmdabplayer/
Selecting the program properties and compatibility Run the compatibility trouble shooter but run troubleshoot program then select "I don't see my problem listed" and try Windows Xp (service pack 3) and running as administrator, although I'm not sure this is required.

I'm currently running this option with no problems.

If this doesn't work try the "I don't know option" to run the program then save the options after the program runs correctly.

Hope this helps
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Re: Can't run Mirics SDR on my PC

Post by XOR42 » Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:15 pm

I'll add my 3 newbie cents. I am also getting the BSODs with my Win 10 Anniversary. I also have installed the Mirics but never figured out how it works. Can't find a GUI to run. No matter which Mirics program I try to run, like FlexTV I always get the DBTV diagnostics screen. No error, just a list of drivers from the diag program. So, I gave up on Mirics. No docs.

Anyway, my point is I have them same stuff loaded as you and I am getting the BSOD when running SDRUno or SDR Console BUT ONLY WHEN I am jacked into any of my USB 3.0 ports. When I plug SDR RSP1 into any of my several USB 2.0 ports, SDRUno runs without ever crashing. However, SDR Console only runs for 5-20 minutes before it gives a polite "I'm giving up" message then silently and gracefully exits. I like SDR Console but it doesn't run long enough to enjoy. But SRD Uno runs like a champ - but only when jacked into USB 2.0.

So, that leads me to believe it is an SDRPlay driver OR the Mirics driver which I also installed as part of that package. However, since I have never run Mirics when I BSOD'd, I assume I am not using its driver. Ergo, it seems to be an SDRPlay driver. Don't even know if SDRPlay has a native driver? I can't find anything that looks like it in Device Manager. I will next try to uninstall Mirics and see if I still BSOD's with USB 3.0.

I have some pretty hot USB ports. I use a 4-pport Rocket USB 3.0 card with dedicated processors for each port. It has never given any problems with anything - until now. I also have some Antec 10-port USB 3 hubs that I plug into the Rocket. So, whether I direct plug into the Rocket or into the Antec, I BSOD. But I never do when plugged into my USB 2.0 sockets of which there are several types.

So, again, that leads me back to a possible SDRPlay driver issue if it, indeed, even has a driver. Drivers are part of software. So, I imagine SDRUno loaded a driver. Does SDR Console use that driver or its own? If it uses the SDRUno driver, then it points back to that.

And round and round we go. Argh!!!

Any quick thoughts, SDR guys? No need to debug quite yet.
I'm still getting my head around all this undocumented stuff.
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Re: Can't run Mirics SDR on my PC

Post by Tech_Support » Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:44 pm

Hello XOR42,
The Mirics chipset that underpins the RSP was designed to operate using high speed USB 2.0 ports only. As previously mentioned, some USB 3.0 chipsets unfortunately exhibit less than perfect backwards compatibility to high speed USB 2.0 devices and as a consequence, we only recommend that people use USB 2.0 ports and not USB 3.0 with the RSP.

SDR Console and SDRuno both use the same hardware driver and it is provided by Mirics for chipset. It appears in the device manager under Sound, Video and Game Controllers as: Mirics FlexiTV (MSi2500). SDR Console V3 is still at beta status and a number of people have reported stability issues which are expected to be resolved before it is released.


SDRplay Tech_Support
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Re: Can't run Mirics SDR on my PC

Post by techinpost » Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:23 am

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