SDRuno on linux (crippled)

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SDRuno on linux (crippled)

Postby jazzkutya » Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:12 pm

SDRuno runs on linux! Unfortunately it bites it's own tail.
Latest development build of wine is needed.
Install latest linux RSP api if not already.
1. get 32bit linux API for RSP. See the HDSDR section here:
2. install the windows api from with wine
3. install SDRuno with wine
4. download and run the EXTIO installer from, browse to and select SDRunoi
5. install my fakedlls as described at the end of HDSDR section on the wiki linked above
6. run SDRuno with wine, SDRPlay RSP should show up as an extio device. Extio devices are limited to sample rates below probably 1MHz! The software does not know that this extio is an RSP :) So use low IF mode with 600khz bandwidth

Any time when you run something with wine, wine may ask you to install mono, gecko and something else. Choose the option to have wine install it itself.
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