Nothing heard on HF

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Nothing heard on HF

Postby WHL » Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:02 am

I seem to have lost the capability to receive HF on my V1 SDRPlay. I am using a PAR-SWL antenna and have hooked it up to both my SDRPlay and an Icom R75. I am receiving strong signals on the Icom on the RAF Volmet frequency 5450 kHz but hear only noise on the SDR (LNA: On, RF Gain: -60 dB, VG: 0dB). I am 99% sure that these settings have worked before on this SDR. The same set-up picks up FM broadcast signals without any issues. I have tried the HF on a W7 laptop on SDRConsole and a W10 laptop (SDRConsole & SDR Uno). I have also tried an indoor Wellbrook loop as well as the PAR-SWL. Nothing works anymore. Am I doing something stupid
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