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Postby chick0n » Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:11 pm


So...Every PC-Monitor / LCD-Display sends out RFI. It is Possible to Recreate the Picture of said Displays. (Over the Range of a few Meters).

There is this nice tool, which can do this in Combination with an SDR.

https://github.com/martinmarinov/Tempes ... tation.pdf

This tool works with USRP B200 or Mirics USB Dongle. So it should work with the SDRPlay too, since SDRPlay is Based on the Mirics Dongle.

There is the possibility to Load an External ExtIO DLL File. But I cant Load the ExtIO_SDRplay.dll, because its incompatible.

Maybe someone with Programming skills could have look at this? Full Source Code is Available.

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Re: TempestSDR

Postby F1BJB » Thu Jul 07, 2016 8:09 am

This seems totally useless to me.
Best way to do that is to put a camera in front of the display.
It will actually capture the electromagnetic radiation (light) emanating from it with very little interference.
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