API (1.94) and EXTIO plugin (3.9)

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API (1.94) and EXTIO plugin (3.9)

Postby g4xcp » Thu Jul 21, 2016 11:55 am

Thought I would share that the latest version of the plugin and API
for my computer and soundcard configuration

Works exceptionally well,
Speech sounds more defined background noise a lot lower.
now for the specification
intel ic 7 haswell processor
8 gigs ddr 3 memory
soundblaster z sound card 24bit at 96hz setting
graphics card NVidia 970
using HDSDR
I noticed that the decimator seems to set itself which improves the quality making the speech jump out of my speakers
great work very impressed with this update
73s G4XCP
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Re: API (1.94) and EXTIO plugin (3.9)

Postby F1BJB » Fri Jul 29, 2016 6:46 pm

Very good results here too.
So good that it can be tricky at times :)
Perfectly receiving a rather weak FM station I noticed that changing IF gain was noisy.
In fact I was centred at zero IF by mistake and switching off DC/IQ compensation resulted in
pure silence.
Offsetting the frequency by 100KHz solved the problem that was due to the auto adjusting of the correction.
Thanks to the 300Khz IF bandwidth results are good for more than 30dB of IF gain control.
No way to use the LNA because it is saturated by the locals in the FM band.
External filtering is needed.
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