sdrplay with icom 7300

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sdrplay with icom 7300

Postby dave gm6jua » Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:17 pm

Hi to all,
I have just purchased a sdrplay unit and want to run it as a panadapter for the icom 7300.
This radio has no suitable outlets for the sdrplay input so I will have to insert the sdrplay in the antenna line from the radio
I am looking at using a 12 volt coaxial relay ( common port to antenna sdr on NO port and radio on NC port) so that when I tx with the radio this will energize the relay to isolate the sdrplay unit.
I need to find a very high isolation relay for this purpose, can anyone suggest a suitable high power relay for this, and would I need a second relay in a chain formation to totally protect the sdrplay unit. Any info appreciated.
regards Dave gm6jua
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