RA0SMS Miniwhip bad performance on SDRPlay

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Re: RA0SMS Miniwhip bad performance on SDRPlay

Postby g1hbe » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:23 am

My experience with mini-whip type antennas has not been good, but that's because this area has a high noise level. This type of antenna is very good for its small size and excellent performance at LF, but it is wide open to local electrical noise.
In contrast, my Wellbrook loop reduces the noise from around S9 to S1 and reception is clear as a bell. So I'm using the mini-whip as a 'noise antenna' for my QRM eliminator. It works really well!

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Re: RA0SMS Miniwhip bad performance on SDRPlay

Postby Scannerz » Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:46 pm

Went back to my original setup for reference ,8mhz and 14mhz dipole (V for 14mhz and inverted V for 8mhz)with 1:1 balun and a MFJ-945D mobile tuner.
And this of course allows me to cover all HF freqs very well and not surprisingly better than this mini-whip.

Will experiment a little more with my setup (mini-whip) and see if i can improve performance.grounding, height, earthing..e.t.c.
With this mini-whip presently 4.5v works quite well for me (3m above ground) ,Certainly not perfect but quite good.

Technically circuit wise i am not currently that knowledgeable enough to modify it.

thanks all Tony.

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