RA0SMS Miniwhip bad performance on SDRPlay

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Re: RA0SMS Miniwhip bad performance on SDRPlay

Postby Paul » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:19 pm

I am strictly non-technical, but this is my experience -I also have one of these antennas feeding my RSP2.
As this receiver has a choice of three ports, it is attached to Port A.
Port B is a H/V/UHF discone and an end-fed longwire (with a 9:1 balun) is attached via the HI-Z Port.
In summation, with experience, I have found that the mini-whip is noisier than the longwire, but may equal or exceed it's signal strength on occasion, under certain conditions and with LNA adjustment.
It is mounted, duct-taped to the top of an 8M non-conductive pole, with the RG-58 coax shield grounded to an earth spike, it's power unit is supplied via a good quality 12V supply with well over the minimum milliamps necessary and earthed to a copper cold-water rising main pipe.

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Re: RA0SMS Miniwhip bad performance on SDRPlay

Postby DanubeBCL » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:47 pm

ha4006swl wrote:I had very clear reception until may, when the ventillation system of the building is modernized, and added inverters to the fan engines. The result is S6-S9 noise around from 8 to 17 MHz.
Yes, noise generators are becoming more and more. Photovoltic inverters, lawn mowing robots, switched power supplies, DSL leaks, charging docks for pedelecs and electric cars ... and here in Europe above all those evil powerlan modems (PLC). This is our fate. And no authority cares, no market supervision takes action. It's a hazardous game to purchase a VLF...SW receiver and equipment nowadays.
73, Heinrich

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