W6LVP active loop antenna

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W6LVP active loop antenna

Postby karlkonnerth » Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:19 pm

I am considering buying an active loop antenna made by Larry Plummer (W6LVP). It is less expensive than the Wellbrook and is made in the USA so there is no overseas shipping. Does anyone here have any experience with that antenna?
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Re: W6LVP active loop antenna

Postby WD9GNG » Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:02 am

One Friday evening I contacted Larry W6LVP and asked a question about the kind of coax that he would recommend for his Magnetic Loop antenna. I was surprised to get a response with technical information within an hour or so. With this kind of customer service I decided to go ahead and order one of his antennas later that evening. I actually received the antenna on Monday afternoon within a couple days.

I have extreme electrical noise that was S-8 most of the time on my Carolina Windom and made my radio almost unusable. I temporarily installed the Magnetic Loop antenna on a short 5 FT pole in the backyard. With the XYL as the null monitor at the radio I called her on my cell phone and rotated the antenna by hand and was able to get a sharp noise null of about S-1. Very tight null when rotating just a few degrees one way or the other. Went in the house and couldn't believe the clear signals that were hidden by the previous high noise level. It reminded me of SWLing 50 years ago as a kid back in the good old days before the electrical noise environment turned so bad.

As I mentioned, the antenna arrived within a couple days and was of high quality construction and packed extremely well for shipment. I had read the previous reviews about Larry's product quality and customer service and my experience was also very good!!

I am planning to mount the antenna on a Channel Master rotator one of these days to get the full effect of the excellent directionally of this Magnetic Loop antenna. I even read where Broadcast Band Listeners use this antenna to pick up and select between multiple stations on the exact same AM frequencies.

I highly recommend Larry W6LVP and his Magnetic Loop antenna to other Hams and SWL listeners. He responds personally to emails within a business day usually just an hour or two. What more could a customer ask for?
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Re: W6LVP active loop antenna

Postby g1hbe » Thu Feb 08, 2018 9:13 am

Good luck with the new antenna. I've been using a Wellbrook 1530 for many years and it has literally saved my hobby. The noise on my wire antennas (and the mini-whips I have built) is horrendous, but the loop just ignores most of it and it has dropped from s8-9 to s1. And as it's on a rotator I can use the nulls to cancel interfering signals. Probably the best radio item I have ever bought.

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