Newbie antenna Qs

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Newbie antenna Qs

Postby Strykar » Tue May 23, 2017 1:04 am


I'm new to this, please bear with my Qs, I'm upgrading to an RSP2 from a NoElec Mini2+

I live in an apartment in a tropical RF noisy city (FM/GSM/LTE), see heatmap:
However, I can mount 3 smallish antennas on a terrace mast (top floor flat, short coax run + higher elevation (than most neighbouring apartments) with a few miles of clear LOS).

I like to listen to ham bands, ADSB and NOAA APT/HRPT. I have a dedicated RTLSDR+antenna for ADSB.

I've never heard of lightning striking anything here but I have expensive PCs that are on a LAN and I'm worried about static/lightning blowing them up via the RSP2. I've discussed the grounding issue with an electrician here and he assures me my idea of grounding the antenna to the apartment ground will not work as expected for a direct lightning strike.

So an unwired (to my house) enclosure with the RSP2+filters+RPi/XU4 talking to me over wifi seems to skirt the "here's an easy conductance path to my PCs" issue, or so I think, please correct me if I'm wrong.

My Qs are in 4 parts:

1.Are these antennas good choices for an RSP2 ... tenna.html - HiZ port, would I need anything else to work this with the port? Port B + something like Adam's lna4all ... tenna.html - Add another bias tee power supply +LNA for NOAA

2. Would they perform well if I had them powered by solar+battery with no real ground except maybe the antenna mast? I was thinking PVC for the mast.

3. What protection against static can I buy that won't require grounding?

4. Would an FM band stop with built-in lighting surge like this be worth it and can I install three, 1 for each antenna? -

Since I plan to have an RPi3 or an XU4 my solar and battery setup will be large and I accept this compromise.
Any feedback is appreciated.
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