Newbie RF frontend protection Qs

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Newbie RF frontend protection Qs

Postby Strykar » Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:11 pm

Since I read a few posts about people killing their RSP2's due to overloading and a lack of RF frontend protection, I've been worried.
My RSP2 will be mounted in a remote location powered by batteries, I looked up 'RF frontend protection' and am confused what to get.
Do I want something with static discharge protection too?

Initially I was going to do: Active Mini-whip --> DC-30 Mhz lowpass filter --> Hi-Z port with a -

Then I came across a Wireless Receiver Front End Protection Unit which seems perfect, until I stumbled upon Wireless HF Antenna Isolator and Low Pass filter. And then there's even a Z Match Antenna Matching Unit Which of these three types do I want?

On the Bias Tee port, I planned on: 137 Mhz Weather Sat Dipole --> 118-138 Mhz (Airband bandpass filter) --> wideband LNA --> RSP2
Is this sensible? Is the bandpass enough, do I need/want static electricity protection here too?
I currently have no antenna attached to the third RSP2 input but I'm assuming it'd have the same 'protection' requirements as the Bias tee port.

Happy to hear suggestions.
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Re: Newbie RF frontend protection Qs

Postby Roger » Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:40 am

A few questions.

1. Is this remote location near transmitters? If so at what distance, how much power and what frequency.
2. Do you have lightning in your area? If so you will need lightning protection for close by strikes. Nothing will protect you in the event of a direct hit.
3. How are you going to control the RSP from a remote site? It is a USB only interface so you need a computer at the remote site and that means a lot of battery power.

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