simple but good wire antenna

Useful information regarding antennas for SDR products.
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Re: simple but good wire antenna

Post by Tom Atkinson » Thu Dec 27, 2018 1:38 pm

Hi Phil,

Thanks for that really useful information. I will be rushing out, first thing tomorrow morning, to get the bits I need to make my own triangular "loop"! I got an RSP1A for Christmas. I knew it was coming, so spent the week before building an inverted dipole. Have gone to some trouble grounding the dipole, but the noise it picks up is horrendous. Worst on 6 MHz, but also bad on 5 and 7.

Should I have built a balun into the dipole?

Regardless, I now will be going ahead with the big triangular loop (your post was so, so persuasive! Especially the bit about the WSPR log from the 0.02 Watt transmitter in the arctic!). Each leg will be about 20 metres long (constrained by the size of our yard).

How do you connect the twin lead to the RSP1A? Should I connect the lead to a 300 ohm / 75 ohm balun, then to the receiver? Is the receiver expecting a balanced, or un-balanced input?

Thanks again,
Tom (Perth, W.A)
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