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SDR Play syncUpdate

Postby LoserSM » Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:14 pm

Hey guys!
At the moment I try to implement a function that switches between two rf-Frequencies using syncUpdates using a SDRPlay2pro.

I try to switch between 868 and 867 MHz in a synchronized way. The real goal is be @ one frequency for like 99% of the time, switch
to the other frequency for like 10.000 samples and switch back.

I'm currently trying to to it easier with two big time intervals: sampling frequency is 2 MHz and the intervall given to mir_sdr_SetSyncUpdatePeriod is 1.000.000 -> 2 frequency changes per second. The sample number given to mir_sdr_SetSyncUpdateSampleNum is just an arbitrary number.

From the inital value given to mir_sdr_SetSyncUpdateSampleNum I can calculate the exact samplenumbers, where the frequency is switched.

In the callback function I use the rfChanged flag to detect wether a frequency change took place.

Now to my problem: The sample where the frequency changed (calculated by the sync period) is not always located in the buffer where the flag is set.

In my eyes the syncUpdates are useless if they do not work like that?!

Thanks for your help!
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