Two RSP's, same program

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Two RSP's, same program

Postby n2ic » Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:51 pm

I have a RSP1 and an RSP1A. I have no problems running them simultaneously, using two separate instances of a program (in my case, the program Waterfall Bandmap). Another ham radio program, N1MM Logger+, now directly supports ExtIO-based SDR's, such as the RSP's. It also supports running two SDR's simultaneously. This has been tested with a RSP2 and an Airspy HF+. However, when I try to run my RSP1 and RSP1A simultaneously, I get the error message about one of the RSP's not being detected. Individually, each RSP can be run from N1MM Logger+. I know there are two different DLL's, but they are sharing the same mir library (in my case 2.13). Is there an issue of two RSP's not being able to run out of the same address space?


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