RSP1A = N1MM Logger + WaterfallBandmap

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RSP1A = N1MM Logger + WaterfallBandmap

Post by ZL2BR » Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:13 am

As well as using my RSP1A as a stand alone receiver I'm also using it in conjunction with N1MM+Logger and the N2IC WaterfallBandmap display software. Both N1MM+Logger and WaterfallBandmap are configured okay, the bandmap is tracking my transceiver and the DX-Cluster/Telnet spots are populating the bandmap. But I don't have any audio output from the RSP1A/WB, even though the WB config file shows the speakers as being recognised by the ExtIO_SDRPlay_RSP1A.dll which I presume is invoked when the WB exe file is run.

Have tried two Win7 PC's plus a Win8.1 PC and the results are the same. Of course I still have audio output from either my IC-7600 or TS-2000 transceivers, would like to have the RSP1A audio output as well.

I suspect the problem may be with the RSP1A dll file/

Anyone had the same or similar problem and got a cure please?

Frank, ZL2BR
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