New native SDR# plugin

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New native SDR# plugin

Postby sdrplay » Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:13 pm

We've released the SDR# plugin for the RSP (for SDR# v1400+) on the 'Start Here' guide ( or

Important information regarding the new native SDR# plugin...

Please note that because of time constraints, this new native plugin does not contain all of the functionality of the old ExtIO plugin used up to release 1361. What is missing is:

Control over tuner DC Compensation modes.
Manual Control of 1st LO Frequency for the block converter
IQ Compensation

If these functions are important to you, we recommend either NOT upgrading your 1361 installation to 1400+ yet or using HDSDR is you don’t have 1361. Future releases will re-incorporate these missing functions as well as adding new ones

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