Getting Cubic To Run On Mac

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Getting Cubic To Run On Mac

Post by Robert11 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:10 pm


Have an RSP-2
Super unit.

Have been going through the various software packages to use with it, and to determine which
I like best and is easiest for me, as I'm a real beginner with this.

Have a Mac, and use Parallels for the Windows based programs.

Have pretty much homed in on HDSDR.

But, thought I would also look at Cubic, as it is usable directly on the Mac side, without the need of a virtual Parallels partition.

When I start Cubic, an additional screen shows up;

Labeled: Cubic SDR: SDR Devices

On the left side it has:
Apple mic.
Local Net

On the right side it says Soapy SDR Devices, and is blank.

Playing with the three bottom buttons of: Refresh, Add, Start does nothing.

How do I get passed this screen, or fill in what they require, and actually use
the program, please ? Seems they also(might) want a Port Number entered ? What am I missing, as usual ?

If someone might tell me the explicit very detailed steps to add whatever Soapy additional add-on,
or whatever else they require, would be most appreciative.

And, if additional download(s) are required, once I download them (Mac OS), where do I put them ?

Have tried everything I could think of.

Much thanks,

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Re: Getting Cubic To Run On Mac

Post by Tech_Support » Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:35 pm

Hello Bob,
If you need specific help, I recommend that you open up a support ticket via

This and other forums are great resources, but when you need specific help related to SDRplay products or our software, the ticketing system is the best way to go.

As a company we do not provide direct support via this community forum as the way the forum is structured makes it unsuitable as a customer support tool



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