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New user - SDRuno

Postby sam » Sun Nov 13, 2016 12:02 pm

Hi to all in the group ;)

Bought SDRplay recently and having lots of fun with it after previously using RTL dongle type devices with programs like SDR#, HDSDR and SDR Console.

I'm still trying to find my way around the SDRuno package and have to say it seems to offer many advanced features (must have another read of the manual :) ).

I've just installed the latest version of SDRuno v1.1 and there appears to be quite a few changes from the original version I installed, v1.04

It would be nice to have a greater 'zoom' range for the Main SP Window and possibly a way to go to maximum/minimum zoom... maybe by double clicking on the 'zoom' button as I find I typically use the main SP window at maximum zoom all the time, so being able to jump to the maximum/minimum quickly would be handy :)

I listen to a lot of CW signals on the amateur bands and find the step rate when using the mouse scroll wheel is quite course... it would be good if we were able to select smaller increments for tuning with the mouse scroll wheel (wonder if there is a way of quickly changing the step rate that I've missed?).

Saving your work-space was difficult at first to get to grips with (seems an odd combination to use for 'save' ... i.e. CTRL+mouse button?) and what I'm finding is that although the main Windows in SDRuno do save fine, some of the other 'sett' windows that I open don't get saved in the work-space... I wonder if these extra windows can be saved as part of the work-space?

Again, I'm having lots of fun with my new SDRplay and so far, I'm finding that it knocks spots off the other RTL type devices I've used before :)

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