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Client / Server

Postby ucs308 » Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:06 am

Newbie question.

I have two locations. One with lots of space and an antenna, the other where I spend most of time. Both sites are connected 24/7 over a VPN connection. I am trying to understand if can use the SDRPlay connected to a computer at 1 end, and control and listen to it over the VPN connection at the other site.

I have used remote rig in the past.

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Re: Client / Server

Postby hfaero » Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:38 pm

I guess the simplest option is to use an RDP session or Remote Desktop Protocol. Windows versions may or may not have RDP natively depending on the version (Home versions don't) but programmes like Teamviewer or VNC will allow you to control the remote desktop from 'home'.
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Re: Client / Server

Postby dsalomon » Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:50 pm

Another option is to use Simon Brown's SDR-Radio as your SDR software instead of SDRUno. It has remote ability built in. His software already supports the RSP1, but not the RSP2 yet, as I just found out when I unwrapped my shiny, new RSP2 the other day :-(

I'm not sure if his software supports all the RSP controls, e.g. zero-if vs low-if. You'll have to look at his web page that details the program's support for the RSP ( I know he's either already working on support for the RSP 2, or planning to do it in the very near future.

I also agree with hfaero, using Remote Desktop, or any other remote control software should work. If you don't like Microsoft Remote Desktop, there are free alternatives, such as VNC.

If you do try Remote Desktop, please post back here how well it works for you. I'll do the same. Now that you asked the question, I'm curious to see how it works, both with my own testing and feedback from others.

Good luck -


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Re: Client / Server

Postby OH2BUA » Mon Dec 05, 2016 3:45 pm


it is a good question: When building a remote site - what is the best point in the chain to make 'the link'?

The RSP spits out a huge amount of data... In case of you don't have more than 100 Mbps end-to-end, i think it's not a good idea to try to transfer that amount.

Ok let's go to UI-level remote connections. VNC is otherwise nice, but if you need to hear something, forget it. It doesn't carry audio.

If you are in windoze environmets, i'm forced against my principles to recommend windoze RDP. The reason is that, AFAIK, it is the only one of the tens alternatives which offers you the display resolution based on LOCAL's capabilities, not of remote's. So... if you happen to have on oldish 1024x768 host, you can run 4K desktop with a modern local end. (Please let me know if anything else than RDP can do that, thanks.)

73, Jukka oh2bua
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Re: Client / Server

Postby Devotech » Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:42 pm

Teamviewer - works really well and is free for non-commercial use. I use it for remote SDR to my Android devices from my desktop at home. A big bonus is that it will transfer audio, even if the local sound card is muted! Saving the family from noise back home.


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Re: Client / Server

Postby dsalomon » Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:15 pm

OH2BUA - thanks for the sound info on VNC. I've used VNC for ages, but never needed sound, so I never realized it didn't support it. I just did some Googling and discovered there is NO version of VNC that supports sound.

Devotech - thanks for the info about Teamviewer. It seems like there's a remote control solution popping up every day. Also did some Googling on that one and it looks really good. I like that it supports Android, and that it has specific support versions. I'll be switching to this app now for all my remote viewing needs.

ucs308 - it looks like you have a good solution to look at - Teamviewer. With the short amount of research i just did, it looks like an easy to use solution that's free AND has Android capabilities as well (i.e. run your SDR on a Windows machine and listen on an Android phone).

Best - David

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