First steps RSP2

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First steps RSP2

Postby rskunath » Sat Feb 04, 2017 5:27 pm

I've been around receivers and radios for years, but just doing the first steps in understanding how to optimize the RSP2 and SDRuno. I have had the pleasure of using several of the RSP1 radios remotely and so I have a decent enough understanding about how to get started. But I have a few things I need to get set locally here yet.

The PC here is using an AMD Sabertooth fx990 R2 motherboard, 32 GB of fast RAM, an AMD FX-8350 8-core CPU running at 4.1 GHZ and a fast high end AMD graphics card. Even with all of that, and the RSP2 plugged into a dedicated USB2 port, with current drivers and BIOS, I am still seeing an audio chuffing every time I exceed 5 MHz bandwidth with the decimation set to 1. It gets worse as I get to the 10 MHz bandwidth. None of the CPU cores ever exceed about 30% usage. I'm using the WME drivers; I did install the ASIO4ALL drivers but I didn't see the drivers being used and the control panel would not launch from the SDRuno button, so I uninstalled those. I don't know if that would have helped. I have both waterfalls running and there are zero gaps in data that I can see in those; everything seems to be running smoothly at 10 MHz and a decimation of 1, even if I crank the refresh rate up so high the spectrum dances with activity. Yet the audio chuffs. Admittedly, I don't think I'd be often using settings this extreme as far as bandwidth, but the PC should be able to handle the task. So, I'm looking for ideas about what may be causing that. I did install SDR-Console V3 B5 and that runs flawlessly with no chuffing at all at the 10 MHz bandwidth.

Any ideas about how to improve the chuffing with SDRuno would be appreciated. I'm working through my understanding of how the program is operated and liking it more and more.

One thing is for sure, my dual large LCD monitors generate a lot of noise. Not that I can do anything about that, but sniffing with the RSP2 and a small sniffer loop at least shows the metal PC case and switching PS in that is very noise quiet. I did get a good shielded USB2 cable with ferrites at each end and that seems to do a good job. With no antennas on the RSP2 just plugged into the PC and even knowing that the LCD monitors are very noisy, all the antenna inputs are almost totally dead quiet. Anything I can see, and there is practically nothing, would be well below the noise level on any antenna. So the metal case on the Pro is doing its job. The MW and FM filters work as advertised, but I think I'll get a pair of LW and MW low pass filters to use on the High-Impedance input just for GP. I have a few 9:1 baluns on order and that should help with getting the antenna setup tight and quiet.

Overall I'm impressed. It wasn't hard to get the software going. SDRuno is a little daunting, but only because it is so configurable. I'm getting my head around that slowly, and having fun.

I did see some mention of some audio controls and latency adjustments that were supposed to be accessed using the sett command from the main window, but I don't have those here. Are those only for the RSP1?

Anyway, advice appreciated always :)
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