sdr play sdr touch samsung android question

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sdr play sdr touch samsung android question

Postby g4xcp » Mon May 30, 2016 7:25 pm

not sure if anyone can help, maybe I am beyond help!
Samsung Galaxy Tab a lte connected to sdrplay via usb cable.
downloaded the drivers
read the pdf file
went out the back and shot myself.
downloaded the zipped driver file extracted it to, well, who knows its android (lollipop latest version)
whilst the video was very nice, it did leave me left wondering, well, anyone can attach a long wire anyone can download sdr touch (demo mode) but all sdr touch wants is to download the rtl dongle driver !! why doesn't the software sdr touch see the hardware sdr play? why does sdr touch go to the RTL driver download and not the sdr play. Even so, I have sdrplay and wish to know how to correctly install the zipped file, I do not understand all the coding written in the pdf file or indeed even if i just copied and pasted the code where would you put it?
going for long drink
wanted to use sdr play and sdr touch to go out to find some interference so thought this would be a great combination pity the video did not go into installing the driver, and what the driver number was and where it ends up on the android tab
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Re: sdr play sdr touch samsung android question

Postby dlritter » Wed Jun 01, 2016 12:59 am

what zipped'd driver file? The android api drive from sdrplay?
you need to go to the play store and search for the "SDRPlay Driver" also by Martin Marinov..
when it loads, you will have another object on the screen.. It took me 4 tries on the LG X10 to get it to load..
Now when you plugin the device, the android system will ask which driver you want to load..
even if there is only one. I have a few to choose from depending upon whats on the end of the cable.
my tablets dead not so I can't plug up and verify now.

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Re: sdr play sdr touch samsung android question

Postby RiyaMukati » Mon Feb 06, 2017 7:37 am

What does rooting means?

Rooting any of the device means getting rid of all the built in apps that are already there in your phone which you can’t uninstall directly it’s similar to a CPU process where you require admin permission to remove all those nasty apps. Rooting actually means to use your phones to its root after which you can customize it as you want. You can use themes and other customizes options as all the unnecessary apps would have removed. Many people what to know how to root samsung galaxy s5 ?, so below we have complete solution to it

Samsung galaxy s5 rooting is a bit difficult task but i have made this procedure easy for you. This method is applicable to most of the devices but since the device keep updating their may be devices which will not support this.
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