New User Problems

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New User Problems

Postby Cheemag » Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:53 pm


Some of these queries I thought I'd entered earlier today, but cannot now find them.

How do I know which receiver I'm listening to? It seems impossible to kill the audio from any one receiver, and I end up listening to them all.
VRX 0 cannot be switched off and its audio will interfere with that of the other VRXs. How do I get around this nonsense?

How do I enter a decimal point when using the keypad to input a frequency? There's no key with a dot !

How do I enter a VHF frequency? At the moment I have to press the 2 metres button and tune down or up with the mouse wheel.

I have managed to tune the receiver to 101.7 MHz FM in VRX0. Entering 4738 CW in the frequency box does nothing, it continues
to output 101.7 and cannot be stopped. Taking the antenna out, switching antennas or even killing the programme won't get rid of it ... total madness !

(Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. RSP2Pro. SDRuno)


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Re: New User Problems

Postby octave9 » Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:35 pm

Hi Jim,

I also found it pretty unintuitive, but it looks so good and works so well it's worth persevering I think.

I can't help much as I haven't tried to use more than one VRX, or the keypad frequency entry. Hopefully someone else can put you right on those, but you can MUTE the volume of the main one (by clicking the button with that name, which is to the left of the orange volume slider in the RX control window). I expect it's the same for others.

Large frequency shifts are best accomplished with the scroll wheel over any digit (visible or not) in the frequency display in the panadapter/waterfall window, or the one in the RX control window. The window needs to have the focus (the title is red when it has) and you'll see a small line over the digits when you hover there. If you're on 101.7 MHz FM in VRX0 a single scroll up while you're over the invisible digit to the left of the most significant 1 will QSY you up 1GHz. You can adjust any digit up or down that way.

Actually, any window with a frequency display gets the focus when you hover over the digits, but the waterfall/pan window doesn't get it if you're simply scrolling anywhere else but over the digits :)

Beware of adjusting the gain when the focus is with MAIN.

Hoping it helps a little, although I expect you may have discovered those things already.

Good dx,

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Re: New User Problems

Postby W2DLC » Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:04 pm

At the bottom of the Receiver window is a yellow Audio Volume Gain slider bar. At the left side of the bar, click "Mute" to turn off the volume for a particular VRX.

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