Addressing Multiple RSP2s

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Addressing Multiple RSP2s

Postby ibriggs34 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:25 pm

We are looking to synchronize several RSP2s and read their IQ outputs simultaneously. We have some idea about how the RSP2 behaves using the API, but we are not sure how to read multiple RSP2s simultaneously and synchronize them (as well as identifying which output belongs to which RSP2). Is there a recommended way of addressing each device when sending commands and receiving data? We are currently using centOS 6.9 to run the software and writing in c++.

mir_sdr_SetDevice appears to be the start of what we need, but its behaviour is undefined for switching between devices in the same program. Does the initial stream stop after a new device is selected? If not, how are the two data streams distinguished?
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Re: Addressing Multiple RSP2s

Postby sdrplay » Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:13 pm

The output of GetDevices will allow you to identify which device you want to work with and specify in SetDevice. We support coherence by linking RSP2s together (as shown in this application note: ... e_R1P0.pdf )

Remember whatever phase offset there is between the two devices will remain constant. You will need to post process the IQ data to achieve timing alignment. You will probably need a multi-threaded app or two applications as in a single thread only one device can be addressed at any one time.

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