DVB-T reception with RSP1

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DVB-T reception with RSP1

Postby df5vae » Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:36 pm

Hi all,

I was absolutely not amused to learn that there is/was no decent software for TV reception for the RSP1.

The superior build of the RSP1 and its large frequency span invites to decode DVBT/DVBT2 signals, even though DVBT is not as good as old day's AM-TV for for Es or tropo observations, it would allow to monitor low VHF Bands Signals & OIRT frequencies (as long as they still exist..??) .

Most of the cheap RTL dongles are shipped with a copy of BLAZE HDTV (V 6) and a serial number.

This low cost software recognises the Mirics BDA Filter and installs (W7/64) without difficulties.
(just avoid to install the supplied RTL driver software!)

PS: Still looking for a working AM TV (PAL) Software for the RSP1 .

73 Charly, DF5VAE
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