Can you use the SDRPlay2 as a pan adapter?

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Can you use the SDRPlay2 as a pan adapter?

Postby G0SEC » Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:36 pm

Quick question from complete newbie when it comes to sdrplay..

Ok my question is simply this, can you use the SDRPLAY2 as a pan adapter and if so any issues with front end pick up
or overloading issues, I have a kenwood ts870 in the process of finding a pan adapter for it and wondered if the sdrplay2
will do the job..

any answers from more experienced peeps greatly appreciated.

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Re: Can you use the SDRPlay2 as a pan adapter?

Postby vk3alb » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:17 am

Hi James,

The answer is yes. Just remember 0dBm max at the input of the RSP. I'm not familiar with the TS-870 but I imagine at worst you could tap off some of the IF or use an external antenna switch. There is plenty of info in this group. I did a search for Panadapter and got 132 hits.


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Re: Can you use the SDRPlay2 as a pan adapter?

Postby hfsdpk11 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:25 pm

I'm using an RSP2Pro as a panadapter on my TS-850. Simply connect it to the "IF OUT" RCA jack on the rear panel. I don't know the details of the TX mixer string in the 870, but the 850 string has inverted spectrum in the 8.83 MHz IF. It's not a great drama, you just have to remember that signals below CF displayed by the RSP are actually above CF at RF, and that on SSB the demodulation sense is inverted, e.g. USB will be heard correctly with the RSP set to LSB. The cool thing about the TS-850 IF OUT tap point is that it mutes the RX when the transceiver is transmitting so there's no chance of burning the RSP. It's interesting to see that the IF OUT noise floor is far from being flat, rather that it's level varies irregularly by at least 10 dB. over a 500 kHz. span.


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