Does SDRuno Software Allow For Continuous Tuning ?

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Re: Does SDRuno Software Allow For Continuous Tuning ?

Post by g1hbe » Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:12 am

If you haven't already, maybe it's time to start a support request with the team.

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Re: Does SDRuno Software Allow For Continuous Tuning ?

Post by WB5AGF » Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:51 am

It's 'fixed'.

(And now 'the rest of the story' ..... Is anyone out there old enough to remember the Paul Harvey radio shows ?)

After incredible support by my (friendly) local SDR repair guy (I'll let him retain his anonymity) ....

What finally got my installation of SDRuno working correctly was to go under 'OPT' in the 'Main' window and select "Reset To default settings".

Up popped a 'Are You Sure ?' warning (along with an explanation that SDRuno would quit) and when I clicked 'Yes' .... down went SDRuno.

When I restarted SDRuno I ran my (by now very familiar) series of tests (using local AM broadcast stations as test subjects) ... I can now unlock the LO and the RSP1A Receiver tunes as it should (previously tuning was ineffective when the LO was unlocked).

To get to this happy state I :

- bought a 2nd RSP1A Receiver from my local Ham Radio Outlet (they're about 5 miles up-the-road) ... with the understanding being that it was for testing and would (mostly likely) be returned within a few days .... they said 'OK' (and not to damage the packaging)

- the 2nd RSP1A showed the same symptom as the first ... (hence 'to plan B')

- ('Plan B') I'm running Windows 7 Professional and have in the past managed to get the Virtual XP environment running. My plan was to install another copy of SDRuno ... to run in the Virtual XP machine .... but (of course) .... when do 'plans' work as they should (?) .... I couldn't get the 'Integration' features working on the installed Virtual XP .... so (after searching-the-Web to no avail) .... I discarded the installed Virtual XP .... went-and-found where to get another copy (of Virtual XP) and installed it .... Now I was able to 'see' the 'USB' selection at the top of the Virtual XP window.

More 'fun' .... I couldn't get my RSP1A Receiver to be recognized by Virtual XP (as a test I inserted a USB audio stick and it was immediately avaiable to the Virtual XP machine). I managed to get Virtual XP to 'see' the RSP1A Receiver as an 'Unknown' USB device .... and that was good enough so that I could get SDRuno to start-up.

Then .... the Virtual XP machine doesn't have near the 'horsepower' that my 'real PC' (a HP z600 workstation of a few years vintage) has. Though I could get some audio out of SDRuno on the Virtual XP machine it was all broken-up. I throttled-back on the Sample Rate and Decimation and that gave me acceptable audio.

Then .... the test .... On the Virtual XP machine SDRuno worked as it should (I could unlock the LO and the receiver tuned correctly)

So I found myself with an interesting situation .... SDRuno on the Virtual XP machine ran correctly while SDRuno running 'native' under Windows 7 Pro had a 'problem' ..... What To Do ?

All this time my trustly SDRplay tech support was feeding me suggestions (and I began sending him screenshots in-response). Finally he suggested that I tell SDRuno to reset itself (I had to read his instructions carefully as I hadn't realized that there was such a command).

'The rest is history'

Now .... Why did my installation of SDRuno 'wake-up' (from its initial installation on my Windows 7 PC) with a problem .... And What was that problem ? .....

I don't know .... All I can say is that telling SDRuno to reset itself to factory defaults 'fixed' the problem.


Paul, WB5AGF
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