Why it's important to register your RSP1 or RSP2

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Why it's important to register your RSP1 or RSP2

Postby jon » Thu Dec 08, 2016 9:52 am

Last year, we introduced a request that people register their RSP with SDRplay as part of the 'Start Here' software installation process. We do this for two very important reasons:

1. To monitor the amount of product still in the sales channel with our distribution partners so that we can plan our manufacturing appropriately and avoid product shortfalls/delays

2. To ensure that the appropriate person in the right time zone is alerted to any requests for support so that we may respond in a timely manner with the right kind of help

We wish to stress that we keep all information strictly confidential and under no circumstances pass it on to third parties and we also never use the information provided for any marketing or sales purposes. Contact details are only gathered for the sole purposes to providing the best level of support possible.

Before we introduced the registration system, we used to occasionally get emails to support asking for help because the unit didn’t work. In some circumstances people had already spent several days trying to resolve the problem themselves and had become very frustrated. When we then asked several questions to try to understand what the problem might be, it was the last straw and they simply decided to return the unit. These experiences illustrate this is why we feel the registration process is both important and in the best interests of the user.

Despite this, we still occasionally get people objecting to this request for registration, feeling that as they have purchased the item, they should be allowed to download all necessary software without having to provide any additional information.

As a consequence, we have decided that we will modify our website so that any new or existing user will be able to access any necessary software without having to provide any information whatsoever. We will still encourage people to use the interactive start here process and registration will remain a part of that process as it automatically issues support requests if people have problems with the installation of their RSP. If however, people wish to avoid registration they will be able to do so and there will be clear instructions on how to do so. The caveat is that we will be unable to provide support to anyone who has not registered their unit. During the registration process, we collect the following information.

1. The users name (just so we know how to address someone)

2. Their email address (so that we have a mechanism to respond if the interactive installation process fails for any reason)

3. The serial number of the RSP (so that we can cross check any performance issues with the manufacturing test data for that particular unit)

4. Where you purchased your RSP (so that we can direct you to the appropriate person for support related issues)

5. What the nature of the problem is

Without knowing the above, it is impossible for us help people.

For anyone that has not registered their RSP, if they have a problem, we will not be able to help them unless they either first register their unit or provide the above information with their support request.

We hope that this will alleviate the concerns that have been raised by some people regarding registration.

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