hiz antenna

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hiz antenna

Postby barrykiss » Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:30 pm

does anyone know of a mate/plug for hi z antenna connection.
I have lost use of right arm -stroke and I am worried about screwing connection in and out and damaging the threads f the hi z screws.
barrie kissack

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Re: hiz antenna

Postby Paul » Wed Apr 18, 2018 3:38 pm

This may or may not be helpful Barry:
Once the connections are screwed in, why would you want to unscrew them?
If you are thinking of using alternative antennae on the Hi-Z Port, it is possible to obtain additional (little green plugs) to which other antennae could be connected and the plugs (they are removable) simply swapped over as required (thus hopefully, no need to screw/unscrew).
At present, I only use one antenna on the Hi-Z (an end-fed long-wire).
As additional information, although SDRplay only rate Ports A/B down to (I believe without checking) 1.5Mhz, I do use my active mini-whip (the Ukrainian job) on Port A pretty satisfactorily down to 10's of Khz.
Port B is a different matter and I believe may "roll-out" higher, due to the Bias-T circuitry, but seems pretty good down to 2Mhz when used with an appropriate antenna.
Anyway, should you come up with a different Solution on the Hi-Z, do let's know what it may be (could be helpful).
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