Incredible value and performance!

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Incredible value and performance!

Post by jon » Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:43 am

Over on eHam Reviews, W5NG recently posted this review:

Incredible value and performance!

The performance of this receiver is simply incredible! I also have the RSP1A and the RSP2pro, and just added the RSPduo to my collection of receivers. The RSPduo has the best of everything; 2 independent receivers, 14-bit ADC, heavy duty robust metal enclosure to protect the SDR and help shield RFI, and three software selectable antenna ports! For the price, the performance and flexibility of this SDR is off the charts. Unbelievable sensitivity and the ability to control all parameters and dial in reception is amazing. And I do mean unbelievable sensitivity! I have owned many, many great receivers, and this small box will stand toe to toe with the best of them. And as a bonus, you have two independent receivers in one small box! Amazing, just amazing.

One caution, be careful around high power RF and transmitters. MFJ is making a switch box with internal protection that may be an option worth considering. These SDR receivers are very sensitive, relatively robust, but not bullet proof! A little internet searching will provide many options. I have not had any problems with my SDRplay receivers, but I am cautious to unplug antennas before keying a transmitter.

Worried about the SDR computer control and interface? It's no big deal. Simply download SDRuno from the SDRplay website, plug in a USB cable between the computer and RSPduo, attach an antenna to one of the three ports, and you are in business. Skip up and down the bands and change modes with a click of the mouse. Adjust bandwidths and remove noise or interference with ease. Hook up a second antenna, and monitor two separate bands effortlessly. Absolutely amazing performance, and best of all, it is simple to use! The software control of this SDR is so straightforward that even I can do it, without any difficulty at all (and I routinely struggle with computers). If you have any concerns about computer set up and operation, there are several youtube videos out there that will take you through all the steps from unpacking the SDR through computer control and operation in about 10 to 20 minutes. It just works.

This product is seriously worth the effort to learn the operation, and you may never want another conventional receiver again. It will spoil you in a hurry. I have been waiting decades for SDR technology and computer software to get to this point, and SDRplay has delivered a real winner here.

The folks at SDRplay have something big going on in small packages, and the RSPduo is a big winner in my opinion!

I highly recommend any the SDRplay RSPduo.

eHam reviews on General Coverage receivers and SDRs can be found at:

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