a rtl_tcp compatible IQ server for the RSP

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a rtl_tcp compatible IQ server for the RSP

Postby f4fhh » Sat Jun 30, 2018 2:34 pm

Hi ! Bonjour à tous !

I enjoy my RSP1A everyday but I missed the benefits of SDRSharp when it came to handling, scanning and decoding VHF signals. I also wanted to be able to connect my RSP to a remote unix server and access it over a LAN. So, I tried to port the rtl_tcp code from Osmocom and adapt it to the RSP devices. I've pretty much succeeded, at this time it run well on x64 linux with RSP1A but I need some help from friends with RSP2s, RSPduos and RaspberryPis to test the code on different devices and different OS architecture. Have a look to : https://github.com/f4fhh/rsp_tcp. The area of improvement is the 16 to 8 bits re-quantization and the gain reduction / LNAState management.

I also assembled my rsp_tcp server and some other tools in a linux docker image that works well on a x86 NAS (unraid), see : https://github.com/f4fhh/sdrplay_container. Feel free to test it and send me your comments.

Sorry about my poor English

73 de F4FHH Nicolas
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