Feature request - SoapyRemote support

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Feature request - SoapyRemote support

Postby iambrian » Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:46 pm

SDRuno is a lovely, polished piece of software. Trouble is my aerials are in a room separate to my main computer. So my ideal solution would be to have the RSP2 and a Raspberry Pi running SoapyRemote next to the aerials and sit and listen/control here in the next room with a computer running SDRuno (actually my IDEAL solution would be for that to be a Linux computer but I'm resigned to the fact I need a second, Windows, computer just for radio apps). Perhaps I might even eventually move the RSP2 and Raspberry Pi to the top of the mast and reduce any feeder noise.

For the moment can use SoapyRemote and CubicSDR but SDRuno would be so much nicer.
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