Your MFJ-1708B-T/R Switch Experiences

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Your MFJ-1708B-T/R Switch Experiences

Postby Ruben_NB4R » Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:01 pm

I have an new RSP1A and an MFJ-1708B-SDR. I have read all I can find in this forum pertaining to this matched pair, but am not seeing the information I'm needing. I would like to hear from anyone that is using the RSP1A with the MFJ-1708B-SDR without having made any other modifications. I've read about diode protection and cascading relays off the mic PTT contacts. The MFJ-1708 is supposed to ground the input to the RSP1A when the switch is in transmit mode.

I plan on using the pair on a Yaesu FT1000-MP and an Ameritron AL80-b amp. I will be inserting the switch between the transceiver and the amp. I do like the idea of the cascading relay idea and just might implement that idea. I also read where some have gained receiver protection by putting the receiver in an aluminium box. I don't know why the SDRPlay don't make this standard practice if it is so needed. I am open to suggestions and ideas, but I would really like to hear what your experiences are if you Use the RSP1A/MFJ1708 pair without mods. Thank you very much!
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