Es'hail 2 QO100 DVB-S2 and SDRplay RSP1A/2/duo

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Es'hail 2 QO100 DVB-S2 and SDRplay RSP1A/2/duo

Postby RSP2user » Fri Jul 12, 2019 11:17 pm

Just checking to see if anyone on the forum in Europe has had a chance to receive video images from Es'hail 2 using an SDRplay RSP. There is an article here where this has been reported to be done using PC decoding software for DVB-S2 developed by Marcel Kroner here ... &pageNo=17
The link to the latest DVB-S2 software release v2.0.11 that works with the SDRplay RSPs is here:
If you have that set up and working and are receiving video on Es'hail 2 with your SDRplay RSP, please feel free to post and let us know how that is working.

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