The HDSDR team announced more improvements and bug fixes with release Version 2.76 which came out today:
– switchable display mode: S-units / dBm
– switchable mode for S-meter: RMS / Peak
– enhanced accuracy of level indicators. New calibration required!
– periodic and explicit level logging into .CSV file
– switching AGC to off, sets manual gain value
– oversteering/clipping audio does now reduce gain value – not volume
– fixed OmniRig handling: “MuteOnTX”
– deactivate AFC after frequency/mode changes for a small duration
– Fast WAV file demodulation & recording
– some new keyboard shortcuts
– some other small improvements and fixes

It can be downloaded from   and their recommended SDR hardware is listed here: which includes the RSP1 and RSP2

Our own SDRuno is being upgraded to support IF-out Panadapter use and this is in beta test this week.  I know we keep saying this but really, very soon we will be releasing the ARM64 platform support (hope to get that out this weekend)