Joe at USA_Satcom has worked hard the last few weeks on his high resolution satellite imaging decode windows software known as XRIT (for both HRIT and LRIT transmissions) for decoding the fantastically clear image feeds from the NOAA GOES-13 and GOES-15 satellites. Credit is also due to the work done by  Lucas and his coding within the Open Satellite project code which is also used, and his work to support the RSP2.


According to NOAA website ,  the GOES-16 post-launch test phase is expected to be completed in June, at which time the satellite will be handed over to the NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations. After that time, GOES-16 will undergo an additional six months of extended validation before moving to its final location in November, when GOES-16 data will be deemed operational (During this validation period, additional testing outages may occur and starting July the GOES-16 (test phase) satellites).

Click on the USA_Satcom link below for more information .   To get going,  USA_Satcom ask  that if you have the proper equipment (like the RSP2 and suitable antenna), are able to receive a high quality signal from any of the GOES satellite, and are interested in this software then please contact them for a demo package. The streamers, actual GUI application, including the ingestor and supporting libraries are free, however the core DSP is not and must be licensed. The cost is $100 USD for this license. Click on the USA_Satcom link below for more information .


XRIT Decoder for GOES Satellite

Our thanks also to Bern Bareis for his help in connecting us with Joe and Lucas – he recently informed us that the GOES 16 satellite is scheduled to start operating in June. ABS channels should be operational on a limited basis starting May 20th. The ABS channels provide images across various spectrums of light enabling atmospheric analyses and color image generation.

The GOES WIKI site is

This post was edited 12th May 0400z to clarify that imminent GOES-16 signals will be test phase only