We have new RSP1 stock in place and are up to date with our shipments to most of our distributors.  Regarding the RSP2, due to overwhelming demand we ran out in the first week and there have been some delays with the second production run.  We hope that RSP2 shipments will begin again next week to our distributors, but that does mean that there will continue to be a shortage through the first half of December.  The very first RSP2pro (metal case) production units will also be shipped to our distributors next week.

This is a snapshot of the RSP2pro – which can only be bought from our distribution partners


For those interested in the extra frequency accuracy possible with an external reference connection to an RSP2, we recommend the Low Jitter Precision GPSDO reference Oscillator from Leo Bodnar, which can be obtained from SDRplay distributor SDR-Kits