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These are links to third party software that support the SDRplay range of SDR products.

We are unable to provide support for any of these software applications.

You should check the webpages linked to below for further help.

Spectrum Analyser: https://www.sdrplay.com/spectrum-analyser

SDR-Console: https://sdr-radio.com/download

HDSDR: https://hdsdr.de

CubicSDR: https://cubicsdr.com (wiki) (issues list)

SoapySDR (core framework): https://github.com/pothosware/SoapySDR (wiki) (issues list)

SoapySDRPlay (RSP library): https://github.com/pothosware/SoapySDRPlay (wiki) (issues list)

Gnu Radio OOT Modules: https://github.com/fventuri/gr-sdrplay3 (issues list)