At the last count there were 18 different SDRplay RSPs accessible remotely, using SDR-Console V2.3 – anyone with internet access can operate these remote receivers if they have SDR-Console V2.3 installed.  Only one user at a time, and up to a time limit set by the owner.  Details of active servers can be found at    – I have one set up which is called “SDRplay RSP1 with HF antenna in UK” – I’ve hooked my RSP1 to an HF G5RV antenna which is still good for local VHF coverage as well.


At the moment only the RSP1 is supported by the SDR-Console server software (RSP2 to be added at some point) – for anyone interested in making their RSP1 available remotely over the internet, follow the instructions on  – you have a choice whether to publish the logon information as most do, or keep it private so you and you alone can access your own radio when you are out and about!  We encourage donations to Simon Brown (and his dog!) for maintaining this excellent service. Click on the Donate links on his main download pages:

For SDR Console, V2.3 (RSP1 compatible, remote server compatible):

For  SDR Console, V3 Preview (RSP1 and RSP2 compatible, no remote server capability yet):