unknow device

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unknow device

Post by lblaauw » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:44 am

Hi there,

Just having received my sdrplay i installed the drivers under windows 7(x64) which seemed to have gone just fine. Now when i plug in the device into a USB (type2) port it keeps sayin unknown device. When i try to update the driver from device manager it keeps sayin unknown device ;-(

ps: Device manager states error code 43 on the unknown device btw which a google search indicates as:

"A Code 43 error is generated when Device Manager stops a hardware device because the hardware reported to Windows that it's having some kind of unspecified problem.

This extremely generic message could mean there's a true hardware issue or it could simply mean that there's a driver problem that Windows isn't seeing as such but that the hardware is being affected by."

Please advise.

Leo de Blaauw
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