Problem with sdrSharp

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Problem with sdrSharp

Post by lblaauw » Wed Jul 15, 2015 1:42 pm


Please disregard my previous posting, allthough its not listing yet, that was a faulty USB cable so nog issue anymore. Anyway, I did a fresh install of SDR# in a clean directory and then ran the ext IO setup. Seemed again that the installation did not provide any problems, however when starting SDR# i get a bunch of popups stating issues with the EXT IO dll...

1. I get a popup which states Failed to Load API DLL c:\Program Files\MiricsSDR\x86\mir_sdr_api.dll ERROR 126

2. Then I get another one stating Error Loading ExtIO+SDRPlay.dll

PS: note that on my installationd this file, or at least one with the same name resides in:

C:\Program Files\MiricsSDR\API\x64

Please advise


Leo de Blaauw
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