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Re: SDRuno on Linux

Postby nk2042 » Mon Oct 22, 2018 10:33 pm

As a Linux only user I have SDRplay RSP2 and I'm using Gqrx and CubicSDR.

But, like other users, I think that if these softwares are usable, they have little compared to SDRUno and other Windows base softwares.

I understand writing a soft for linux takes time, and, if SDRPlay team can't actually do it, why not contribute to existing opensource projects ?

A lot of features requests are listed for cubicSDR roadmap.
Gqrx isn't very actively maintained now because the author doesn't have lot of time now.

Contributing to one of these projects could be an alternative to improve user experience for non window users.

It's only an idea, it's probably not as easy as writing it.
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Re: SDRuno on Linux

Postby LisaNels » Sun Nov 04, 2018 3:07 pm

I just purchased my SDRPlay RSP2 because they advertise Linux support... That's kinda a stretch.

Yes, I got it working, but CubicSDR isn't nearly as nice as SDRuno.

WHY do programmers still make WINDOWS ONLY software? There are so many ways to make programs work on many platforms.

How about this: RELEASE THE SOURCE CODE and someone on the LINUX community will soon have it working perfectly... or better...
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