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Great device

Postby wm3m » Sat Sep 19, 2015 3:45 pm

This little box is amazing. I don’t often do reviews, I know I should since I read them all the time, but I had to do one on this SDR receiver. I have had several SDR devices over the past year or so, I owed the FunCube, Flex 1500, SoftRock, and a $15 USB SDR from Amazon, I either sold them or sent them back. Install was easy, I went to the SDR play web page, downloaded and installed the two drivers, downloaded HDSR, and it all worked first time, very easy install. I used the defaults, did not change any settings. It hears well from MF all the way to 1296 Mhz. As a test I am running it with WSPR-X, it ran all night and I copied nearly 300 hits on MF 494.2 kHz, some at minus 31 dB, this is as good or better than my K3 which has been hardware modified for better copy on the MF band. I had promised myself I would not buy anymore SDR devices/receivers, since I had 4 already, but when I saw it on the HRO web site I gave it a try. I have bought many things from HRO over many years and always have been pleased with them. One caution, I downloaded SDR-Console from SDR-Radio and it blew away my Windows 10 desktop, I had to go back to a restore point before it was installed.
I have only had the SDRplay for a few days but it works very well so far, if anything changes, I will update this review. Try it.. 73 Emory WM3M
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