Great Bang for the Buck!

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Great Bang for the Buck!

Post by jon » Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:08 pm

Some appreciative comments are popping up on the eHam review site:

WA2SQQ Rating: 5/5 Dec 8, 2017 04:00
Rsp1a worth upgrading to
Purchased the original RSP1 and loved it. Upgraded to the 1A as soon as it was released. The added (integrated) BCB&FM traps were major improvements for anyone like me who lives near AM or FM broadcast stations. I’ve e tried various entry level SDR receivers and the 1A is the winner, hands down. It also doubles as a piece of test equipment and a great receiver for tracking down local QRM.

KC9EE Rating: 5/5 Dec 7, 2017 17:59
Great Bang for the Buck
Just unboxed this jewel. In typical ham fashion, I hooked it up without reading any instructions or start up guide other than what's on the SDRuno download page. I'm not sure what some of the fuss is about concerning the software. There are a few things I like better about HDSDR and SDRConsole and a few things I like better about SDRuno. Everything ran as soon as I started the program.
About the only thing I would like to see added is a way to group the windows together so they could be moved to a different screen as one object, much like if you're drawing in MS WORD.
The available Notch filters were an interesting feature of the software. Adjusting bandwidth, switching modes, and tuning were intuitive. Adjusting spectrum bandwidth view was not. That took a couple of minutes of tinkering.
One big plus for me is that the receiver is powered via the usb cable which has to be used anyway. For portable operations or SWLing when travelling this is a great feature.
Subjectively, I found this receiver superior to my Ensemble RX/TX on NaP3 but not quite on par with my K3. Nor should it be. I'm looking forward to adding this receiver to the line up to be able to take advantage of the spectrum view now offered by N1MM+ logging software and CW Skimmer. A new review will be in order when everything is hooked up and running. 73, KC9EE

KA1OWC Rating: 5/5 Dec 7, 2017 15:23
RSP1A So Far So Good!
I upgraded from the RSP-1 to the RSP1A for several reasons, but mainly the Bias-T feature...I plan on doing a lot of satellite monitoring and will need a Low Noise Amplifier at my antenna...The 5V Bias-T is just what I need...I find the RSP1A to be much less prone to intermod/interference than the RSP-1, although the RSP-1 has been great...I plan to also do some portable excursions to one of our state parks to do some electrical interference-free comparisons...Al in all, you won't be sorry with the RSP-1A and the SDRuno software!

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