It's a miracle!

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It's a miracle!

Post by kg5qvw » Sat Feb 10, 2018 5:24 pm


I have an HF rig, but this SDRplay seems to be even more sensitive and much easier to use than a dial.

For $99, the scales have been removed from my eyes! (And ears.) Can't recommend it more highly.

Tip: take an audio cable and loop back from your speaker-out to your mic-in. Then run fldigi. Now you can decode all the digital modes! My favorite is WEFAX on 4316.0 USB to receive radio faxes from NOAA weather satellites. Amazing! PSK-31 on 14070 kHz is always fun on a Saturday afternoon!

Compiled CubicSDR on Artful 14.10 Lubuntu (linux) according to Non-windows Workflow on Dell 64-bit desktop. Worked great.

Having a little problems installing with my 32-bit Thinkpad, so going to try installing on my Raspberry 3.
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Re: It's a miracle!

Post by someYguy » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:58 pm

Very good on all!

I've been using various SDR radios for about 6-7 years now and the RSP1 has become my most used ever piece of equipment. It pretty much stays turned on 24/7 connected to a Win 7/32bit machine. I use it in the morning before I go to work and then quite a bit after I get home, especially late in the evenings.

Been an SWL since the early 1970s and a ham op since mid 1970s and for most of it only dreamed about things such as a good panoramic display, brick wall filtering, sub Hz accuracy & stability, etc. :).

Like many here, I've been through some very fine and at one time very expensive receivers and even a few spectrum displays(Heathkit SB-620, Hallicrafters SP-44 , and a couple of mil surplus units) but none of that stuff really worked as well nor was as convenient to use as our SDR radios. And of course the bang-for-buck factor is very high these days. It really is incredible technology.

But, I do still have and use from time to time an old but wonderful Radio Shack DX-150A. Sometimes I just need that nostalgia :).

Congratulations on your setup! :)

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