Performance in DAB+ and DVBT reception

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Performance in DAB+ and DVBT reception

Postby F1BJB » Sat Oct 17, 2015 4:38 pm

That's one of the nice features of SDRplay to be able to do more things than the competitors.
For DVBT it works here with VLC + a *.m3u file and Blaze HDTV6.0 as delivered with many RTL dongles.
I had no luck with the Mirics DVBT software until now.
Anyway it doesn't seems to have any advantage over the RTL dongles and needs more processing power.
But to my surprise for DAB+ the Mirics ugly and not user friendly software outperforms any thing else I tried.
I was able to get good audio of signals only 5 dB above the noise .
I wonder if someone had results with the analog TV plughin for SDR#
Most of my tests were done with WXP as a lot of my hardware is not supported by W7.
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