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New, happy user

Post by TonyCampbell » Sat Aug 04, 2018 8:08 am

I just wanted to say, Wow! Thanks for the fast delivery of my RSP2PRO. I could not be happier! Compared to my nooelec dongle, the RSP2 is a beast. Slowly, but surely getting to grips with sdruno, as I had been using Sdrconsole before, and although I know I can still use Sdrconsole, I think the filtering and functionality of SDRuno much better.
I'd also like to thank john, who helped me when I phoned regards my delivery address, which I'd screwed up the door number with my fat fingers. He quickly sorted that issue out!

Best regards to all,

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Re: New, happy user

Post by Max99 » Sat Aug 04, 2018 2:03 pm

Hi Tony

I've used SDR-Console and SDR Uno and to be honest I haven't enjoyed my experiences with the latter and always gone back to 'Console'. I'd like to know in what way the filtering and functionality on Uno is better? I might well have missed something, so I'd be genuinely interested to hear your experience if you have a few moments to give a more detailed view.

One thing I don't understand about SDR Uno is why it opens in so many widows so that gets me annoyed before I even start. 7 separate windows...... I have no other piece of software that opens so many, in fact I can't think of any that I regularly use that open more than one! Why not one window for the program itself, with each function in it's own 'pane'? And no. I don't want to 'nest' my windows on the taskbar!

Anyway, rant over and I'm interested in what way you find the filters and other functionality better than Console?

Many thanks


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Re: New, happy user

Post by Tech_Support » Sat Aug 04, 2018 4:37 pm

Hello Max,
You can easily customise your workspace in SDRuno so that it will only open the windows that you want. the multi-window architecture of SDRuno is a legacy from Studio 1 which is was the commercial SDR software from which SDRuno was developed. We will be re-designing the complete UI when we re-define SDRuno as a cross-platform solution. However this is still a lot of basic functionality to be added first so this project is still some way in the future.



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Re: New, happy user

Post by g1hbe » Sat Aug 04, 2018 5:20 pm

Hi Max.
The original, first-version of Uno was indeed a bit of a pain as all you got on first use was a tiny start-up pane. You had to fiddle about opening the various panes and sliding them into position, then save. After that it would always start as you had saved it. The latest version of Uno opens in an instantly-usable form and you can quickly customise it if you wish. Once you have it as you want it (it takes just a minute) you can store it and from that moment the program will always open in your chosen format. If you change your mind you can just move things around and save again. To my mind this is a very convenient way of doing it.
I can't comment on the filtering of Console as it's quite a long time since I used it.

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Re: New, happy user

Post by Roger » Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:11 pm


The great thing about the RSP is there are several software packages to choose from and you can pick the one you feel comfortable with and does the job you want. A few comments...

- SDruno is the only software that accurately measure the signal level at the antenna input. It is accurate to +/- 1 db and the S meter conforms to international standards. SDR-Console is nice software but the S meter is not accurate at all. SDRuno has great frequency calibration if you want to be within a Hz. or so of frequency accuracy. It also allows easy connection to virtual audio cable software if you want to use 3rd party decoding software. The audio filters are easy to adjust by using the mouse. SDRuno has multiple windows and this is useful when you want to do signal decoding and have limited monitor real estate for programs.

- SDR-Console has two versions V2 and V3 and each has a different user interface and features. There will be a new release of V3 next week which will have CW decoding and will support the new RSPduo.

- HDSDR also supports the RSP2 and a new beta version came out this week on the HDSDR web site. I like this software for its simple user interface and the fact that you can quickly configure it with keystroke combinations.

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