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Love my SDRPlay RSP DUO and scanner

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:18 pm
by Patgfww
Got my RSP DUO for xmas and I am loving it. Use to listen to SWL, Ham etc with Yeasu FRG 7700 years ago but got away from it and sold the radio. When I saw these new SDRs from SDR Play I got excited about getting back into it and I am so glad I did. The value you get for the money is so well worth it and with its large frequency spectrum there is so much more to listen to. I really enjoy the two tuners, multiple antennas and now the scanner capabilities. Funny thing is with the harsh Winter we have had here I haven't even put up a decent antenna yet. All I have been using is the a small cheap 3 foot extendable whip. Granted I have been mostly listening the VHF police, ambulance etc but have picked up some SW and Ham also. Before the latest software release with the scanner came out, I was setting up 10 VRX's with my 10 favorite frequencies and that worked well too. But I love the work that SDRplay did with the scanner and now I set one tuner up with the scanner and search for SWL with the other tuner. Its been so much fun and I really have to take my hat off to SDRPLAY for creating such a wonderful product. It is also so very nice to see them listen to their customers feedback and support the product with upgrades and additional functionality. Looking forward to many years of radio listening enjoyment again.

Ive got a lot to learn about all this new digital radio but I have already made good use of this forum to do that. Thanks to so many of you out there that take your time to explain the unknown to many of us newbies. Have a great day. :D