RSP1A, SoapySdrServer and Gqrx

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RSP1A, SoapySdrServer and Gqrx

Post by Squirrax » Tue Jul 23, 2019 8:26 am


I'm currently trying to connect to a rsp1a plugged into a raspberry pi 3B+ ( with raspbian ), running SoapySdrServer (0.8.0).

My client runs on a linux mint 19 box ( Tara, 64 bits ). It works ok with CubicSDR ( 0.2.5 AppImage ) but i don't like the software... i'd prefer gqrx.

Sadly i can't manage to make it work. I tried the AppImage and the ppa version ( both 2.11.5 ). I used as parameters string :


Any idea ? Does anybody had success with this ?

P.S. : I also tried with rsp_tcp, although it's a less satisfactory solution, but i have audio problems in gqrx. The sound is intermittent and i can't get it right, even with smaller bandwidth etc...

Thanks !
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