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Post by G6exf » Fri May 20, 2016 12:50 pm

I bought this unit for an Air Cadet Unit here in the UK. I will set it up on their lap tops using the profile Mike Ladd gave me. I had been struggling and he e remogged into my laptop and set the whole thing up on HDSDR in less that 5 minute flat... Thanks Mike, Star performer!!!

I am so impressed that I am buying one for myself and my colleague who is an instructor at another squadron will be ordering one this weekend. What did it for me was the QSO on 20 mtrs I was listening to between two stations, one a Saudi and the other in South Carolina. On the same antenna, using my TS520SE, I could hear the Saudi at about 57, but no trace of the American station. I had also forgotten the pleasure of SWLing for DX AM stations.... Radio PRC in Shanghai at 40db over 9 here in Eatern UK.

Great stuff, impressed... Now I have it calibrated properly I can use it the way I intended, to hunt out Dx ham stations the switch to the 520 to see if I can work them.

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