HDSDR interfaced with Elecraft K3

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HDSDR interfaced with Elecraft K3

Post by Nj5n » Wed Jun 08, 2016 10:19 pm

I am using SDRplay with HDSDR software and linked to my Elecraft K3 using DxLab's Commander. This all seems to work well with one exception and that is when I put the radio into split for working a DX station the VFO in HDSDR reflects my split frequency as it should however the actual receive is still from my VFO A not VFO B. As I change the split frequency with my VFO B the frequency on the HDSDR display changes however again the actual frequency being received does not change from the VFO A.

The SDRplay is being fed with from the IF output of the K3 and this configuration seems to work with SDR-Radio in split but cannot figure out why it does not work in HDSDR.

Any ideas?

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